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Best Bluewater Sailboat Under 40ft?

written by Terysa November 20, 2018

Welcome to another Technical Tuesday! This is a tour of what we think is the best bluewater sailboat under 40ft: a Southerly 38. Yeah, we’re biased! After putting a poll out on Patreon asking for what you wanted to see, you overwhelmingly chose a boat tour. We genuinely believe that the Southerly 38 is the best 40 foot (12m) Sailboat in the world. She has full bluewater capabilities, has a proven track record in crossing Oceans easily. Her lifting keel means that she can get into anchorages and areas other boats can only dream of. She is also incredibly well built and after four years of living onboard we still love the quality of the build.

For a comprehensive tour of our boat and our rationale behind choosing her, please head on over to our Boat Tour post!

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