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Discovery 50 Catamaran Review

written by Terysa November 16, 2019

Welcome to another of our Catamaran reviews. This week we look at the Discovery 50. An amazing catamaran from this high end UK yacht builder. Let us know your thoughts, and don’t forget to vote. The app is going great guns and we now have almost 1500 reviews, making it the largest collection of catamaran reviews in the world.

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Nick & Terysa

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james snell December 2, 2019 at 6:24 am

Hi Guys, Great reviews – I enjoy them. A coupe of things. I would say is that it is difficult to judge the quality of the boat by looking at the surface. Good design is not necessarily good build. I saw a young ~Discovery 67 being refitted and was pretty shocked at the quality of the actual build beneath the surface – it certainly meant I would not buy unless a number of things in the construction had changed. For safety you should include skin fittings – what are they made of and how accessible are they. As you know the leisure specs for this piece of equipment means that they only need to be proven to have a 5 year life in certain countries so quality is wildly variable. It would also be good to know the construction type – two 50 ft hulls that weigh a total of 16 tons does not sounds like the base material is super heavy or strong unless it is carbon. I realise that you are not about to go to the Poles in this boat (or most cats) but it would be good to know more about the actual build. Keep up the great videos. Best. J


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