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Where’s Home Now?

written by Terysa January 11, 2017

After 7 months away, we’re finally back onboard!

Everyone- including us- kept referring to our trips back to the UK and Australia as ‘going home’. People asked, “Is it nice to be home?” Or, “How long are you home for?” Or, you know, any number of other questions along that vein. It feels more straightforward to call the boat ‘the boat’ and the UK or Australia- where our family are, in short- ‘home’. But that really doesn’t reflect where we feel we belong.

Beautiful South Australia!

Typical Adelaide beach scene.


The last 7 months away from Ruby have been illuminating to say the least. We spent that time almost exclusively with our families, mostly in London or Australia but with a couple of side trips to Greece and Bali, and although it was fabulous being able to have quality time with them, we missed our home- our boat- badly.

Australia: one of our ‘other’ homes

However, we managed to squeeze a lot of fun into our off-season. I’ve already written about our time in London, Greece and Bali, but what about Australia I hear you say?!

It was so, SO nice to be able to chill out in Adelaide for a while. Usually it’s a bit of a hectic time when I go back because all I do is run around trying to see everyone. This time was different. I was there for 3 and a half months in total which gave me plenty of opportunity to just relax into a routine. I did a lot of exercise, had plenty of coffee dates and dinners with friends, went on weekends away with Nick and my parents and just generally enjoyed being in my parents’ company. My sister, who lives in Melbourne, managed to come over to Adelaide a few times, and we spent a memorable weekend on her home turf being ushered between posh cocktail bars and trendy brunch spots. The highlight was probably my parents surprising her in Federation Square, Melbourne for her birthday which, although kinda stressful to organise (there’s several unanswered messages from me to my mother of the “WHERE ARE YOU? I think she’s onto me… I can’t keep pretending to take photos of Flinders Street Station forever!” variety) was made totally worth it at the moment Mum and Dad snuck (sneaked?) up on her from behind in a square full of people. We celebrated with lots and lots of cocktails.


Rundle Mall, Adelaide. The Malls Balls to be exact.

Federation Square, Melbourne.

Laneway love.

Iconic street art, Melbourne.

Love a good b-day dinner!

My mummy and daddy.


It’s a shame that this lifestyle we lead doesn’t, by its very nature, allow us to be with our families on a more constant basis. They have to make a long and expensive journey to see us in the Caribbean, and living on a boat probably isn’t their idea of fun (well, except for my father who would likely never leave!). However, we’ve come to the conclusion that regular trips to see them is going to be an ongoing feature of our cruising lifestyle.

What being back on the boat REALLY means…

Being back onboard means more to us than simply going back into permanent ‘holiday mode’. Ruby Rose is our home, full of our things, our little sanctuary. Obviously being at my parents’ and Nick’s parents’ houses feels very home-like, but nothing beats being able to sleep in your own bed, or wander around with no clothes on, or just leaving the damn dishes because you can. Not that I’ve done many dishes over the past 7 months. I’d almost forgotten the luxury of dishwashers!

I’ll write a blog soon (I promise) of our first week back in boaty-land, but we’ll also be releasing videos this season so the blog and the video will be published together. Which creates a bit of a delay while I figure out this iMovie thing…

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Kelly January 11, 2017 at 11:54 pm

Them dead smile eyes again. Must feel wonderful to be home! I know after coming home from Europe it felt just lovely to fall asleep on the couch in my PJ’s with the ABC news in the background and a balmy 26 degrees outside!

Terysa January 14, 2017 at 12:23 pm

Oh, that sounds blissful! The perfect way to shake off that pesky jetlag!


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