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How To Choose New Sails

written by Terysa November 20, 2018

After 20,000 nautical miles our sails are coming to the end of their lives. It’s not that they have holes or tears in them. However they stretch with time, and poor sail shape reduces performance and makes the boat heel more.

While we are laid up for winter it is time to order a new suite, however it’s not an easy choice! We need a good and close relationship with our sailmaker. We want to be able to talk to them regarding all our requirements. They need to understand our sailing, what we propose to do and be there to manage delivery anywhere in the world.

We finally chose Precision Sails, based in Canada. Why? Firstly they are very hands on. They have helped at every stage of the process, from deciding on sails to choosing a material that suits our sailing. They are competitively priced, can deliver anywhere in the world and guarantee that if for some unlikely reason the sail doesn’t fit properly, they will make you a new sail, not just recut a faulty one. So today we need to measure, then measure again, and finally measure again. Precision sails have sent us a comprehensive list of measurements to take to ensure a prefect fit at any point of sail.

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