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Our First Post

written by Terysa June 1, 2014



Originally written Monday, 20 August 2012 by Nick


So I guess I need to start somewhere and today is yet another small milestone in my/our plans.
The intention is or rather was to start a blog for no other reason except to document where we are, where we are going and to give us a little more impetus should our goals seem more difficult to reach

We are going to go sailing. That is it. Our mission statement, our goal, whatever we choose to call it. Superstition and tempting providence stop me short of making a more grandiose statement. We hope some day soon (ish) to drop our lines, push the boat out of the marina and head away. We intend to travel as both of us have done since young. We want to see the world by sea and deal with the adventure that it will entail.

I suppose that I was the driving force initially. To cut a very long story short, I met an Australian girl in India, she moved to the UK and we live in London with two cats and time to daydream and plan our adventures. I had a 30ft boat and have sailed for about six years.


Ruby Rose in production

Ruby Rose in production



We had Ruby Rose built this year after spending the time and energy researching a boat that we could live on and that would keep up safe. For those of you who know about these things, she is a Southerly 38. 40ft of bomb proof sailing yacht that has a large comfortable bed that we can get out of on either side and a lift keel. The rest of the detail is immaterial .

We also have a leaving date. early 2015 is chalked on my soul and both of us hope that the date doesn’t slip or slide too far from that. I will give up my job as a dentist, Terysa as a paramedic and we will go and try to realise our dreams.

So to recap, we now have the plan, the boat, the date and the blog. There are many more steps to take but these four pillars will provide a good base for the next two and a bit years.

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