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Every now and then we come across a brand or company that is creating really awesome products for sailors and people who love the water. These businesses are small and run with passion and love; we use their products regularly and love them- we wouldn’t be listing them here if we didn’t! So check them out!




Precision Sails are a Canadian-based sail making company who make super high quality, affordable cruising and racing sails. They offer a  very high standard of customer service and help their clients through every step of the process of choosing, measuring and creating new sails for their boat. So if you’re in the market for a new set of sails, need them delivered anywhere in the world and want to know that they are guaranteed to be perfect, be sure to check them out!

Mantus Marine do a really cool range of boating and sailing products- but their hallmark item is their anchor. It’s a little hard to get excited about anchors- until, that is, you’ve experienced the frustration of dealing with a less-than-reliable anchor. Basically a good anchor means a good night’s sleep, which we reckon is pretty important. We are blown away with our Mantus anchor- it really does set first time, every time. So, if you’re in the market for an anchor, look no further!

SailorBags make all sorts of cool, nautical themed bags made of sailcloth, all made in the good old US of A. Totes, backpacks, duffel bags, insulated bags… pretty much all the bags. We love ours.

Waterlust is a purpose-driven brand that creates media to inspire scientific curiosity and sustainable products to support marine science research and education. We are super proud to represent their brand as we have seen first hand the human impact on the underwater ecosystems across the world, but particularly in the Caribbean where tourism and development coupled with poor infrastructure result in some very unhealthy corals and reefs. Buy Waterlust to make you feel great- in every sense.

Another quality product, Sport-a-seats are the perfect solution to awkward or uncomfortable seating areas! We use ours all the time in our saloon of all places: our guests can stretch out on the settees and we get our Sport-a-seats out for a comfy seat at the base of the companionway (it’s more spacious than it sounds!). Made in the USA out of marine-grade Sunbrella fabric AND you get a 10 year warranty. Check ’em out.

Sailrite is more than just a heavy duty yet portable sewing machine capable of dealing with all your onboard sewing needs, including heavyweight canvas, leather and fabric- it’s a complete sewing solution. Sailrite are renowned for not only providing absolutely everything you need for any sewing project- on or off the water- but also for their easy to follow, beginner friendly tutorials. Using their step-by-step instructional videos Terysa even managed to make some envelope pillows! Oh, and Nick built and entire cockpit tent. Check out our Sailrite review here (spoiler alert- it’s worth it!).