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Ruby Rose II Q&A- Your Questions Answered

written by Terysa October 18, 2020

The Seawind 1370 Catamaran launched in July 2020, and there has been an INSANE amount of interest in this amazing performance catamaran. A collaboration between us, Ruby Rose and Seawind Catamarans, we are busy working through the final details of our new boat. In this video we answer your top Seawind 1370 Questions. We’ve picked the top 5 questions asked across the internet and answered them for you. With brand new, previously unseen renders and information about the Seawind 1370, we walk you through our choices for Ruby Rose 2. Enjoy the video and don’t forge to subscribe to our channel!
We have so much more Seawind 1370 and Ruby Rose 2 News coming to you real soon.

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Ed Wortham October 28, 2020 at 12:52 am

Hi Ruby Rose! You two are clearly inspiring, to be clear, and I thank you for your enthusiasm and teaching! But perhaps you might leave your marketing prose and power for just a moment, and speak to a few questions I have re: the Seawind 1370 vs the Balance 442. Allow me a brief bio of myself so you know from whence I come: soon to retire ophthalmologist, monohull sailor, with a passion to explore (and no interest to market my exploration) and serve in remote parts of the world in the healthcare realm, while sailing of course, and along with my wife. I have been on the verge of ordering the Balance 442 and wonder why you all did not go with that? No shame of course if it was a simple matter of convenient timing and financial “encouragement” from Seawind. Please, should you feel comfortable, and of course off the record, I would appreciate your candor in sharing the why and why fors of your choice! It would be helpful to know if you truly thought of the B 442 as the better built Cat, or the potential to be so, or not? Thank you, Ed

Terysa November 2, 2020 at 12:47 pm

Hi Ed- thanks for the comment! We loved the Balance 442 but we love the 1370 more 😊 Once we get a chance to see the Balance 442 in real life, we’ll definitely do a comparison (and try and make it as objective as possible!) because you’re not the only one who has been trying to decide between these two catamarans. We knew we wanted a Seawind from the moment we stepped onboard the 1600 and 1260 and we really clicked with the company and the people behind the scenes that we’d ultimately be working really closely with, so it all just fell into place for us. Best of luck with your search!

John Barbour January 15, 2021 at 7:08 pm

Love the Q&A video but, the flashing/multicolor/shredding graphics are annoying and add little IMO. I get that some people think all that stuff is cool but not me. Let’s stick to sailing. Love your videos and look forward to seeing you both on Ruby Rose 2.


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