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From Sailors to Surfers… Kind of

written by Terysa November 9, 2016

Firstly, I once again apologise for the massive wait between posts. I have no excuse, except pure laziness. I’ve been happy just chilling in Adelaide with my family, but finally got my camera back out for our two week surfing¬†holiday to Bali with my parents. However, instead of taking my usual series of snaps, Nick and I have decided to try our hand at making videos. It does seem to be a whole big thing at the moment, and I’m as obsessed with sailing videos on YouTube as the next person, so why not jump on the bandwagon?!

This is our first video and can I just say that it is a LOT harder than it looks! We also had a huge number of issues with the editing software- too boring to go into- which set us back somewhat. We’ve got a lot to learn about the video-making process!

We’re pretty excited about this new hobby and while the blog will continue to churn out witty and informative posts on a weekly basis, we hope to also provide some awesome videos as well. We considered our trip to Bali to be a bit of a test run, so let me know what you think! (As long as you’re nice about it…)

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