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Want to show your support, say thankyou or buy us a beer? Here’s how.

Since starting our YouTube channel back in January 2017, we’ve received a steady stream of messages, emails and correspondence from you, our lovely followers, wanting to say thankyou. I must say, those messages are quite thanks enough; nothing is more rewarding than the frankly bewildering number of you who have credited us with the inspiration to take that next step in your journey towards life on the water. You may think that we’re inspiring you, but honestly, it’s the other way around. Those messages and comments inspire us to keep creating and to continuously push ourselves to make better and more authentic content.

Just had to get that out the way before we went any further.

However, I’m assuming if you’re reading this, an email or message isn’t enough, and you’d like to do something more to help us out. Well, thankyou very much, and please read on.

Watch our YouTube videos- and the ads, if you can

This one’s pretty easy, and I can only assume you’re doing part of this already. Every view on our channel helps, and it helps even more if you can be bothered to sit through the advertisement (if you can’t, I definitely don’t blame you). We earn revenue through advertising on YouTube, but, as far as I can tell (things are pretty murky over in YouTube Land), we only actually get paid if someone watches the entire advert- or clicks on it. So, by all means, use those 30 seconds to check your Facebook wall or scroll through Instagram, and then come back to the video when it starts.

Comment, like and share!

There’s a reason we like to remind our audience to comment, like and share our videos. It’s because all of this activity counts towards our ‘engagement rate’. Google- who owns YouTube- take this into account in their mysterious algorithms, so the more thumbs ups, comments and general activity on our videos, the more likely our video will ‘rank’ (in other words, be visible to people using the search tool, or appear on the ‘Suggested’ list). And that high ranking will, of course, generate more views, which means more subscribers- hopefully- and ultimately our channel will continue to grow.

By the way, we don’t just encourage comments for their own sake- we LOVE hearing from you guys. Did you read my very first paragraph? This interaction is what keeps us going. So please show the love. We read every single comment (and reply to most), and they really do warm our hearts and push us to keep improving.

Join us on Social Media

Again, the more subscribers and followers we have on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the more our channel will grow. Your activity on these platforms raises our profile and if you’re sharing our posts, your friends and followers will see our channel as well, and hopefully they’ll also be interested in what we do! It’s like a big jigsaw puzzle; all this activity really helps us to grow. Plus it’s fun for you guys to see a bit of behind-the-scenes stuff, as well as give us another platform to interact on!

Shop our store

We have some awesome Ruby Rose gear for purchase in our store. Think t-shirts, trucker hats, hoodies, tank tops, as well as stickers and koozies. We’ll soon be launching our “Totes Not Trash” recyclable shopping bags, the proceeds of which will go towards cleaning up our oceans. (See, this is where you need to follow us on social media, so you can keep up to date with these things!) All purchases put a bit of cash into our account, which helps us to keep this channel running.

Tip Jar

If you’d like to send us a tip or buy us a beer then look no further than this PayPal button right here:

And thankyou very much!

Join our Patreon community

If you’d like to become a bigger part of the adventure, consider becoming a Patron. It’s a platform where you get all sorts of awesome perks and benefits in exchange for contributing to our video production. You can cap your contributions at whatever figure you’re happy with, so there’s no need to worry about your bank balance if we go on a video-publishing frenzy. In exchange, you get access to all sorts of cool stuff: exclusive photos, behind the scenes videos, polls, Live Chats, free merchandise, priority correspondence, and more- it’s pretty sweet. I could write a long, detailed post about it, but honestly, it’s better if you just check it out.


Much love,

Nick & Terysa



Ingrid and Alan August 25, 2018 at 11:10 pm

We watch every YouTube one, love them😍

Nikos Vasdekas August 27, 2018 at 8:05 am

I have been watching you since you left England on board your s/v Ruby Rose. I’m really enjoying every single day of you. I wish you keep on living such a wonderful life for long . Very inspiring life journey.

Christopher Haley August 27, 2018 at 4:53 pm

Love your story and have been watching your entire journey. I wish you both continued safe and successful journeys,,, stay safe !!!

Donn DeWitt September 18, 2018 at 1:11 pm

Love your videos. You make it real with no bullshit. Keep up the great work and happy safe sailing. One day you may see me as I too will pursue the dream.


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