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The Never Ending List

written by Terysa June 1, 2014

Blog entry originally written 11th September 2012 by Nick


One year has now passed. One year since we placed our deposit into the sweaty hands of a  sweaty salesman, who took the cheque and offered us a glass of champagne.

I like to think of this another small milestone. One third of the way to our goal. A goal that for evermore will be heralded by our visit to the Southampton Boat Show.

And so this year we will get the train from London on Saturday morning with bleary eyes and the traditional McDonalds breakfast. I will also have the list of things we need to look for and buy in my head. This list will undoubtedly grow at a rate that is faster than it will diminish. It is a list of must haves and  maybes that we need to add to the boat before we set off.

So the ubiquitous list:

The first item on the list is a folding propeller. I have talked about this so much that even Terysa knows about  the advantages of having one. A huge expense but over the course of an atlantic passage could save us 3 days. It will also mean that the boat travels faster in light winds.

We then have to add whisker poles and a track, again for light wind sailing downwind.

Our on board energy requirements are going to be high so solar and wind energy will need to be looked into.  Wind generators are noisy and ugly, but necessary. The air breeze comes out on top of the research although will also look into the duogen.

A dedicated battery monitor to see exactly how much charge we are losing and gaining. For once this is a cheap item.

Bimini. We will need shade.But this is an item that can wait until next year as European summer does not lend itself to sun shades.

Dedicated 12v fans for the galley and cabin. Easy to install, energy efficient and relatively cheap.

Folding bikes. A week of research has led me to the conclusion that the bikes we need are not on the market yet, but should be next year. They need to be small 16″ wheeled and sturdy. Bromptons are hugely expensive and Dahon should have a similar model out soon.

I will also puchase a load of books and odds and sods that I can read and add to our box of bits to leave with.

This list will expand and expand, and although I do intend to tick of as many items as possible, it will do little to stem the tide of additions.

As as note, I have also started the process of shedding the possessions that we have little or no use for and thinking twice before spending on uneccessary things.

My E bay account has seen more action than ever before and the piano and my beautiful bike will shortly be going to new homes. I will use these proceeds to kit out Ruby and it will be good to see the recycling of our goods going to towards our future plans.

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Jennifer March 13, 2020 at 8:12 pm

So fulfilling to go back and read these, knowing where you are now. It’s like being able to see the future.

Terysa March 17, 2020 at 5:25 am

It’s cool, right?

S M Sabri April 30, 2020 at 8:00 am

Also nice for new viewer/reader of Ruby Rose YouTube channel who wanted to know more about time before Ruby Rose first sail. ;=_


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