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The Truth Catamaran Brokers Don’t Want to Discuss

written by Terysa December 7, 2020

Let’s start with a truth: Catamaran build quality varies wildly. In this episode we are going to go talk about how you can get this information and enable you to make a better decision.

To accompany this episode, we have made a FREE catamaran buyers guide for you. This should form a starting point for you to do your research, armed with the information that brokers don’t seem to always want to provide.

Now, unless you are a millionaire, your boat purchase is going to cost a whole lot of money and possibly be the biggest purchase aside from your house. So it is so, so important to know exactly what you are buying. In this episode we are going to discuss how the differences in build quality affect performance, weight, and comfort.

We are also going to discuss how build quality and materials are used to save money rather than deliver the best material for your money. And, I do ask that you use this episode as a basis for your research. The internet is a valuable tool for research. Use sailing forums, owners websites and scientific articles and videos for further information on the material science of construction material. Then the next time you are viewing or considering a boat, ask the broker these questions and see if you can get satisfactory answers.

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Oliver December 12, 2020 at 10:04 am

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