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2013 and Another Year Rolls Over

written by Nick June 2, 2014

Originally written 15th January 2013 by Nick


Blimey its January!!

I think that we have started the ball well and truly rolling now, and I am not sure we will, or would be able to stop it.

The business has now been valued, solicitors appointed and a sale agreed in principle to my current business partner.

All in all I will be happy to leave. My heart hasn’t been in it for well over a year .

Plus it feels right.

So at 41 I will retire. I have to keep telling myself that this is real as it feels very,very strange.

Now on to the interesting stuff……

The boat.

Well in keeping with the Blog run by Distant Shores, we are kitting and fitting based on their recommendations.
We have a battery monitor, We have a wind gen that has now been wired three times over to get the correct gauge of wire in place.

We have blinds now to keep the sun out, interior fans above our bunks.

A lovely feathering prop, a bimini, and we have solar on order.

We also are more than likely to fit a watermaker soon.

Hopefully if this all pans out, we will spend two to three months this summer on a shake down cruise of France.

It will allow us to see which bits we use, which we need and allow us to log power/ water fuel consumptions in time for the big push.

So hopefully the French canals next spring.

Watch this space. 🙂

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