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And we’re off!

written by Nick May 11, 2015

It’s a Monday morning and Im sat at the chart table looking out at Cowes. It is not quite what I expected, however we have yet to venture out , so I will report back once i’m full of fudge and pies.

Last Selfie in Conyer

In the interim I will regale you with what we have been up to since the last post.

Well, our planned departure date of April 30th came and went. The weather forecast was average to say the least, so reluctantly we put the boat back on the pontoon and watched the tide ebb,leaving our beautiful clean hull settle back in the mud.
It is fair to say however that we have learnt from many years of sailing up and down Channel. Wait for the weather. And so we did.

The following days were strange. It really was business as normal. We carried on as we have done for the last four months. Driving back to London to stay with my parents, while of course making use of their washing machine. However eventually the lows passed through Kent and even the most sceptical forecast gave a couple of days of high pressure.

Exactly one week later we left.

We stayed in London the night before and it gave me the welcome opportunity to mark the anniversary of the passing of my dear Grandmother with my family.

So Thursday 7th May, we headed back to Conyer and said farewell to my parents.

The boat was already well prepared and stocked, so it was a question of pulling off the sail covers and going.
Saying goodbye to friends had mostly been done, however it was lovely to see John before we left. We will see him again in Gran Canaria, but that is six months away.
My last hour in Conyer passed in a haze. Akin to biting into a sandwich with too much mustard in it. A little choked up and not quite sure what to do about it. However, cometh the hour and we duly dropped lines and motored out of the marina. Lots of people who knew what we were doing waved and wished us farewell . And then we were gone.

The trip to Ramsgate was uneventful. We were a little unsure about the boat as we hadn’t taken her from the marina since August. However a little motor sail with the jib out worked well. Similarly our first proper mooring passed fairly uneventfully.

Even at the best of times Ramsgate is somewhat lacking. However as it was election day and Mr Farrage was being stalked by the worlds media, we opted not to venture into town for fear of meeting either party. Instead we hunkered down, ate and slept.

Goodbye Conyer

Friday saw the trip from Ramsgate to Brighton. For once, the wind was behind us all the way, so up went the Parasailor and we sat back and drank tea and Bovril.
We also tested the Hydrovane and it seemed to work well, in so much as it didn’t fall off the back of the boat. Oh well , there is alway time!

Passing Beachy Head

Brighton was a good day to wait out a gale that swept through. We had eight large fenders pressed flat as 40kts winds pushed us against the pontoon. As always we were happy to be tied up safe in the marina.

We spent Saturday exploring Brighton. Saw The Lanes and enjoyed a breakfast out. However as Sundays weather was looking good we decided to move on.

Brighton Graffiti
A good southerly wind blew us on a reach from Brighton to Cowes. We left as Midday and the journey was uneventful until we entered the Solent. I have never had to dodge so many ferries, cruise liners, and container ships. It was far worse than the shipping lanes at Dover. However we tied up in Cowes last night , ate and slept like babies.

I feel far happier now that we are underway . Now the anticipation of leaving has passed, and I am back on the water, all is good with the world.

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Carole n Chris May 11, 2015 at 7:50 pm

Hiya Nick…..here’s hoping there will be many more missives from you both and that we shall follow your progress with glee. I have to say l would have been choked to say bye to you both …I hope you got some horns as well as cheers…. can just gear it as you leave the moorings… good luck and may your trip south/west bring you much cheer. Xx love C&C

Nick May 11, 2015 at 8:09 pm

Thanks Carole, please come and visit us whenever you fancy a holiday xxx

Dennis bealer August 11, 2017 at 2:33 am

Love you guys ,I will wait for you when you get back. Hopefully before it fucking snows .I really love the quality of the videos and Teresa your top notch with the editing. My wife has been watching you 2 she is from the Philippines and she is enjoying you guys having fun. So peace out and will watch you guys soon. P.s. Nick I’m going to drink you under the table or like trying.

Terysa August 11, 2017 at 6:35 am

Thanks so much Dennis! Appreciate the lovely comments!


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