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Freedom, Finally

written by Terysa June 2, 2014

Let’s get us up to date, shall we?


The last post was written on our old blogspot blog exactly 18 months ago, and there’s a reason we abandoned that blog for such a long time. Things weren’t exactly going to plan. The sale fell through not once, but twice and when we finally found a third buyer the length time between receiving an offer and completion was 9 months. That one sentence sounds pretty straightforward, but as anyone who knows either of us can attest, the last 9 months have been the most stressful of our lives so far. Nick always used his medical finals as his benchmark for how stressed he was; that’s now been surpassed by the final weeks leading up to completion. It seemed that the closer we got to completion, the higher our stress levels rose, until we were living off sedatives and whiskey just to get a bit of sleep.


However, 4 days ago we fiiiiinally completed and although we keep insisting that it hasn’t sunk in yet (our new catchphrase is, “Oh my God. We don’t have to get up and go to work anymore!” This is repeated at least 5 times a day at the moment), we’ve both been in such an unusually good mood, and more relaxed than we’ve been in months. Years, probably.


Last summer we didn’t get to go to the French canals, but we did take a month off work and go sailing to the western coast of France as a consolation prize. We’re going to repeat that experience this summer, and hopefully go at a slightly more leisurely pace.



This was our first meal arriving into La Rochelle last year after a 3 day passage from Falmouth. Only 6 weeks until we’re back in that marina eating a seafood pot, cheese, baguette and fresh fruit.


But first, we have work to do! I’m actually procrastinating at the moment, because I find it rather enjoyable to sit in my pyjamas drinking coffee and play around with this blog especially when the alternative is to get off my arse and start packing things into boxes. That’s no fun at all, although I’ve got it better than Nick at least: he’s in Southampton at the moment sitting a 2 day SSB radio exam. Boring!


Our schedule for the next few weeks is pretty hectic. We aim to be living on the boat, with an empty flat ready to be rented out within 3 weeks. Somehow we’ve also managed to be talked into a quick trip to Italy with Nick’s parents (it didn’t take much, to be fair) within that time as well. Our to-do list is on the fridge and includes things like selling stuff on ebay, organising various friends and relatives to come and pick up the items they’re taking, taking out a storage facility and dividing the stuff we’re keeping between Nick’s parents’ loft and the storage unit. We’ve got post to divert, bank accounts to organise, our beloved cats to re-home (dreading this one). There’s a bit of work to do on the boat, although we’ve had such a prolonged preparation time that we’ve got the boat pretty much ready to go. We just need to convert the fore cabin from the massive storage locker it is at the moment to something fit for sleeping in. And Nick probably has some wiring to do. There’s always wiring to do. Whenever I ask him what he has to do to the boat, the inevitable answer is, “Just a bit of wiring.” I think it makes him feel manly.


And here’s a picture of our cat, Oscar.


…and one of our other cat, Lollypop.

Unfortunately, we’re not able to do the big push until next spring. We’ve talked about this for hours, days, months. We’d absolutely love to sail away from the UK this summer and know that the next time we return by boat will be via the rest of the world, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. We want to see a bit of the Mediterranean before we cross the Atlantic, and besides the extra sea miles will be good for us, but we won’t have time this year to do it justice- we’d just be rushing, and now that we’re free at last we just want to relax and take our time. But the most important factor is that I’m desperate to go back to Australia this autumn and see my family. And Nick wants to spend one last Christmas in London with his family. So, we’ll be flitting around for the next 10 months until April when we can finally say we’re leaving for our circumnavigation of the world by boat!

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