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Neel 47 Trimaran Review

written by Terysa August 4, 2019

Here is our review of the New Neel 47 Trimaran. This lightweight and fast cruiser should tick all the boxes as a stable, bluewater cruiser.

The review is solely based on what we could see on the day. It is NOT a professional opinion, simply our observations and what we were able to film on the day.

As we state in the video, we accept that this boat was not show ready and could have been shown in a better condition. We were contacted by Neel and had an opportunity to go and see them in La Rochelle, where they are based. Here are our takeaways from that meeting:

We went to visit the Neel factory and Neel 47, Hull 6. The boat was ready to be shipped to Japan, so had passed final inspection. The mast and spars were unstepped, but we got to see a boat that they were ready to release. These are our thoughts on Neel 47, Hull 6 and our visit.

1. Firstly thank you to Barbara and Elodie (coms. manager and the wife of the CEO) for taking the time to show us around. They were very gracious to talk to us. They were also very kind and showed us the factory and the facilities.

2. They wouldn’t let us film the factory or conduct a formal interview. That’s fair enough, most companies don’t.

3. They were very kind to show us hull no 6 of the Neel 47 range, which is shipping to Japan tomorrow. We filmed this.

4. They have addressed the issues with the steps in the hulls. They are now metal and welded. Still no toilets in the outer hulls as standard. These are an optional extras, although i cant see where they would be placed. This leaves one toilet as standard for a 6 berth boat.

5. Unfortunately the fit out was as poor in places as we previously saw. There was even more mastic in holes than last time. They stated  that their focus was providing their customers with the ” the trimaran experience”, and that in the future they may turn their focus to a better finish.

6. Regarding the boat we viewed at LGM. Neel state that that was a prototype. This we accept. However the prototype was sold and so is now in private ownership. Possibly something lost in translation, but we would simply call this hull number 1.

7. We hoped to be able to put out another video to address the shortcomings in the first video. However, doubling down on these issues of build quality and fit out is possibly not going to do Neel any favours.

All in all my impressions were that Neel are a company that are trying to innovate and push the boundaries for sailors. The concept is fantastic, but the execution needs work. Both Elodie and Barbara stated that as the boat evolves, they hope the fit will change. We genuinely hope it does.

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Nick & Terysa

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DAVID ALAN LEVITZ December 25, 2019 at 2:22 pm

Nice Job , detailed observation,
Neel folks seem just not ready…I am sure
they are embarrassed….
Gee I feel bad for them !
Keep up the good work..
La Jolla ,CA


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