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Privilege Serie 5 Catamaran Review

written by Terysa August 4, 2019

Welcome to our review of the Privelege 5.0 catamaran, now rebranded as the Privilege 510. These amazing, luxurious and expensive catamarans are many peoples idea of the dream boat, but what would we think? Will this make the perfect liveaboard catamaran or will it fall short of the mark?

Don’t forget to leave your own scores using the link here: https://www.chicagostreet.com/rubyrose/


Nick & Terysa

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Rick Hoving August 7, 2019 at 8:03 pm

Love you guys and follow along each post with great interest! I would add bridge deck clearance to your catamaran choice as you will find the more the better in any kid of seaway.


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