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Tick tock, the arse is hanging out of my jeans.

written by Nick March 16, 2015

Unlike Joey Tempest of 80’s rock band Europe, I am not sporting a blonde mullet ( yet). However we have entered “the final countdown”. We have a more than vague leave date around the end of April. We have organized a leaving party, a lift out for the hull to be cleaned and antifouled. Then we’re off.

Terrifyingly, we have decided to start video blogging. I am far too entrenched in the early 1990s for this to sit comfortably . However this, along with Twitter and other black arts will need to be mastered. We have a twitter address which is @yachtrubyrose. Erm,tweet me or something…
Actually, I would be grateful if anyone could explain what the hell twitter is about?!! I’ve had some lovely people explain it in the past. I just don’t get it.
So at some point soon we will post links to our video blog, linked to our twitter account or some other jiggery pokery. Apologies in advance!

Aside from that,the lists that we have are expanding faster than we can complete items scribbled on them.

So where are we now…..

How to send mail overseas

How to send mail overseas

Well aside from a good spring clean we have been testing the electronics that will enable us to send mail, and receive weather while offshore. The SSB radio is up and running, the satellite phone now has credit and seems to work. We have also managed to get our awesome mailasail redbox to get all the phones and computers to talk to each other.

Our hydro vane is fitted and needs testing. The large red vane is conspicuous in the marina. However, so long as I haven’t stuffed up the install it should steer us across the oceans.

Hydro vane with vane

One of our head scratchers was which route to take. Even up until last month we were undecided. Now we have a plan!

Kent to Cornwall. Falmouth to Baiona in northwest Spain, then a cruise down the Portuguese coast, before a bit of the med., morroco, and the canaries. That takes us as far as November.

The only issue I have now is the state of my jeans! I vowed that I would not buy any more winter clothes as I was going to run off to the sun. This leaves me with 2 pair of jeans.
However the increased wear from all the maintenance, and washing has led to multiple “louvres” opening up in various places. I have patched them, but as soon as I get one patch on, another hole opens up. It is now a battle of wills between me and my jeans. I am determined to win, however at this rate it is only a matter of time before my arse is hanging out.

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